Japan Assembly report! @Kyoto

Hello!I’m Yuka Shimabayashi (Yukachin), an Asian Beat staff member.We have not posted any information on this website, but on June 18th and 19th, we held a program called “Japan Assembly” to meet with friends who had participated in Asian Beat Online in person. We gathered in Kyoto and had a good time!The plan was to … » Read More“Japan Assembly report! @Kyoto”

Global Charity Run & Walk 2nd! It’s started!

Hello.I’m Yuka Shimabayashi (Yukachin), a member of the charity management office.The opening ceremony was successfully implemented and the event has started onSaturday, March 26.The opening ceremony had a friendly atmosphere with an opening declaration, and a playeroath! The number of participants were [22 people]!The three staff members also run together, so there was a total … » Read More“Global Charity Run & Walk 2nd! It’s started!”

Global Charity Run & Walk has ended!

Hello. I’m Megumi Kiriha (Kiri-chan),the secretariat of Global Charity Run & Walk.The Global Charity Run & Walk reached the goal with an enthusiasm beyond imagination. The total goal of each Run & Walk was 1,000km, while the total distance of all participants reached 1,366.23km. It was very exciting and thanks to the participants having fun … » Read More“Global Charity Run & Walk has ended!”

Global Charity Run & Walk event has started!

Hello, I’m Chiyo Nakabayashi, a member of the management office of Global Charity Run & Walk. This project, which was announced at the end of June and was recruiting participants, has finally started! The number of participants became 29 people from Korea, Thailand and Japan. A total of 56,616 yen was collected, including those who … » Read More“Global Charity Run & Walk event has started!”