Global Charity Run & Walk 2nd! It’s started!

I’m Yuka Shimabayashi (Yukachin), a member of the charity management office.
The opening ceremony was successfully implemented and the event has started on
Saturday, March 26.
The opening ceremony had a friendly atmosphere with an opening declaration, and a player

The number of participants were [22 people]!
The three staff members also run together, so there was a total of 25 runners (walkers)!
The collected donations (participation fee) were [60,500 yen].
Wow \(^o^)/
We will make it sure to deliver it to Mae Kook Foundation (Thai orphanage).
There were many participants who were full of individuality, as they did last

  • Nobuo, his previous mileage was 120km! No. 1! He burns fighting spirit!
  • Yuriko, a happy vibes who found it on Peatix and jumped in.
  • Takuya, a Thai language master! ?? A man who appeared with a transcendental level up from the last time.
  • Teddy & Daddy, who participated in as a couple this time as well! They were energeticcouple who walk a lot in a day.
  • Kakki, who said that she didn’t usually walk at all, but she immediately achieved her goal, saying she was bad at morning.

At this rate, I’m going to write a catchphrase for everyone, so I’ll stop here (laughs).
I’m really grateful to participate it with very fun members.
I think that we usually end up in our daily lives and forget to care about our physical health.

In such a case, I think that something may be noticed by working at each pace while encouraging each other like this program.
After all, mental and physical health has the first priority!!
Well, the program is also a returning point.
Already, everyone’s mileage has reached [538,13km]!
Aiming for the goal [1,000km] set by everyone …
Let’s go in the second half!

The other day, we gathered online as an “interim announcement”. At that time, participants shared their thoughts on donations under the title of KIFU-cussion.
There were various opinions such as donations made with the intention of supporting friends, and if it was useful to someone, there was no need to be thanked. It was a time to reconsider the significance and ideal way of this program.

For someone, for myself.

Let’s spend our time with a sense of comfort!