A dance video on an original song of ASIAN BEAT has been completed

It’s been about a month since the end of the ASIAN BEAT Online 2 program. Finally, the video produced by all the cast members has been completed!

The video message is

”Energy of Diversity”

Cast members from various countries and regions in Asia participate in Asian Beat. There are various places to live, words and ways of thinking. Each person has a different life, regardless of country or region. We chose this theme because we wanted to convey to the viewers the energy that can be produced when such diverse people become one with their own brilliance.

We choreographed the original song “Hope of Being Alive” that was completed in the program that was held in March, and all the participants practiced dancing online in this program that was held in June. Not all the participants like or are good at dancing, but it was a dance video in which each person was able to dance freely and in their own way while valuing freedom of expression and enjoyment.

35 people from 10 Asian countries gathered for this program.

The common language was English, but most people were not native English speakers and some were not good at it. However, by listening to the same music and dancing, we could communicate with each other. The desire to convey led to the challenge of trying to talk even if we were not good at it.

We think that there was new awareness and growth because these 35 people gathered.

And we had a lot of conversations through creating one work, we have made many new friends all over Asia.

Please enjoy the dance videos made by 35 people from various countries and regions and backgrounds!

ASIAN BEAT Online 3 is scheduled to be held in the end of October to November!

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