ASIAN BEAT Online 4 is COMING!!!!

We are glad to announce this great big news for you!!

ASIAN BEAT Online 4 is decided to be hold in 2022!!

The ASIAN BEAT Online Program will be only 1 time this year.
This is because we do hope we can have REAL(offline) Tour and prepare for it after ABO4.
So please do not miss ABO4!!

We are looking for the Staff members and Cast members!
If you are interested in participating in the program, please join the orientations!

Here are the details.

♦Program: MAY 21- JUN 5  3 weeks
(Only Saturday and Sunday: MAY21,22,28,29,JUN4,5)

♦STAFF Orientation: MAR 8(tue)20:30-22:00

♦CAST Orientation:
  APR 23(sat)14:00-16:00
  APR 24(sun)14:00-16:00
  APR 30(sat)14:00-16:00

*All written by Japan Time!
*We will use ZOOM for the orientations and the program.
*If you want to be a staff or cast member, You are required to join this Orientation.

The Google Form to participate in each Orientation will post on this HP when it’s ready!
So right now, please save the dates, that’d be great!

If you have any questions we can answer, please contact us here

If you are alumni of ASIAN BEAT Online program, you can join again to be closer friends.

If you are the person who doesn’t know what Asian Beat is?? Yes! This is the chance to make international friends by joining weekend adventures for 3 months!