While there are a variety of types of performance, we will define what “Performance” means in Asian Beat.

Production of original pieces of work in which everyone gets involved.

In the Asian Beat program, the cast and staff members work together on original pieces of work filled with singing and dancing. Traditional folk tunes and dances of the home countries of participating cast members as well as contemporary popular songs are incorporated in our performance.

Everyone discusses and shapes the nature of the production as well as the content of the show. A progress chart is posted in English.

Colorful Singing and Dancing

We sometimes challenge ourselves with singing in Thai, Taiwanese, Korean, and Japanese. The performance varies every year and no production is the same.

Cast members who are singing their heart out.
The audience joins the cast members to sing together.

The collective effort of producing the show is a great opportunity for cast members to forge a powerful bond.

Kick-off camp is essential!

Preparations for the performance start in the Kick-off camp. We explore each cast member’s character and talent. Then we come up with a plan for how we are going to stage the show. By the time camp is over, we have a complete vision of the show. After that, the cast members continue to rehearse individually in their home country.

Looks like they are trying to introduce some curious poses in the show.

Going on the stage in unison

Having prepared, we leave on a tour. The first performance takes place the day after we arrive in the country we are visiting, a first opportunity to perform comes right on the following day.

これThe staff and cast members who are going through final reviews of the performance just before the real stage.

Shaking with nervous energy, the cast members go on stage knowing it is either sink or swim. But once they have calmed down, they really have an amazing time with the local university students and the children.

Although they are a little anxious, all cast members rouse themselves by shouting “Asian Beat”!

Cultural exchange with an exciting performance

We are indescribably thrilled when we sing and dance, looking at one another on the stage, reminding ourselves that this is the reason for having worked so hard.

Flash mob in front of a temple in Taiwan

We deliver our original performance while visiting universities and orphanages and interacting with the local people. Sometimes we perform on the street as a flash mob. This is the very best part of the tour –to connect with people through singing and dancing. The days spent on the tour are really exciting.

We interact with people while inviting the audience to join our performance.
Even small children come up on stage and dance with us.
As soon as we arrive at a school, we perform for the children.

Now, why don’t you stand on the stage of Asian Beat and meet those wonderful people in Asia, too?