Basic Knowledge about the Asian Beat Tour


This is the most attractive part of this program, after all. There is no doubt that going on tour and spending time with people of different nationalities will be a new, stimulating experience. It is said that things you learn or experience on your travels help you grow as a person. Let’s embrace the challenges and opportunities!


Language is not the only tool you can use when it comes to communication. You can communicate with facial expressions and gestures as well. Why don’t you learn first-hand how singing and dancing can become “common language” that transcends words and nationality?


Interacting with your colleagues who are traveling together is one of the attractions of this program, but you will also enjoy meeting with local children as well as adults living in the town or village you are visiting. If you fully open your heart, they will surely welcome you.


One of the pleasures that travelling offers is enjoying the local cuisine. Why don’t you try something that you cannot eat in Japan? Each country offers unique culinary opportunities, so why not get a taste of different cultures they represent?


The following is an annual schedule from cast recruitment to actually going on a Tour.

JuneStart cast recruitment
July / AugustFinal selection of cast /
Preparation of travelling
SeptemberKick-off camp (Summer camp)
OctoberRehearsal of the show in each country
NovemberGo on Tour
DecemberCast meeting (Review)
*Only for the Japanese cast

The Tour scheduled for Indonesia in November 2020 was cancelled due to the impact of COVID-19. Please wait for follow-up report regarding the next Tour schedule.

Program Flow

The program starts with the Kick-off camp, then proceeds to the actual tour. During the tour, the performs, interacts with local people, and sightsee while traveling from one place to another. The program ends with a final meeting with all cast members for review of the tour.