Charity Planning

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Charity Planning

Participating in the program and making “fun” international contributions

When you participate in the charity program, the participation fee will be delivered to the support recipient.

Each program has a lot of activities that you can enjoy, such as exercising and interacting with the support recipients. Would you like to contribute internationally while having fun together?

*The participation fee for the charity program will be collected in the Mae Kok Foundation (MKF) Support Association account as a donation to MKF and will be sent to MKF along with other personal donations.



Main Programs

Global Charity Run & Walk

Run and walk to reach your goals with your friends!


Global Charity Cooking Class

Let’s learn from the locals and eat together!


Global Charity Tidying Up Program

The mind and body are refreshed through decluttering with friends!


cocoWA Project

Visit the donation destination and enjoy interacting with the locals!

Global Charity Run & Walk

Behavioral restrictions due to the novel coronavirus (Covid-19) are changing the way we exercise and meet new people.

Under this environment, our project incorporates all of the target elements, such as exercise, meeting new people, and interacting with support recipients. Since it will be held online, you can feel free to participate from your area.

Program Flow 

Program period2 weeks (3 online meetings)

Day 1
Opening ceremony(Goal setting / family announcement: small group that encourages each other)
Day 7
Interim report (Exchanges between participants, exchanges with support recipients)
Day 14
Closing ceremony (Results report / award ceremony) 

During the program period, the participants will encourage each other, as well as run and walk to goals they set by themselves.

The feeling of accomplishment when you reach your goal is very refreshing!

2021 Results

Program periodJuly 10th to 25th (14 days)
Number of participants29 (participating countries: Japan, Thailand, South Korea)
Donations collected (participation fee)56,616 yen (2,500 yen per participant)
The total distance of all the participants reached1366.23km in two weeks.

Click here for the program:

Voice of Participants

Thanks to the entertainment and community interaction, not just donating and running, I enjoyed the program more than I imagined!
Woman in her 20s, Tokyo

I was able to make international contributions, and interact online, and train my body. It was exactly what I was looking for!
Man in his 40s, Aichi

I think it was an excellent way to connect with the world without burden and for myself.
Man in his 20s, Korea

I’m glad that I was able to have fun and be motivated while working on the difficult task of slimming my waist on my own. When I think of charity, my impression is just something where you “give,” but while participating, I personally found this program to be one full of fun and gratitude, so in that sense, I felt I there was more for me “take” away from the program.
Woman in her 40s,Tokyo

I often hear about donations, and I sometimes add donations to my purchases, but it was very refreshing to be able to say this time, “In this group, we are doing charity on our own.”
Woman in her 50s, Osaka

The program will be implemented in 2022 as well!

PeriodMarch 26th (Sat) – April 10th (Sun) 2 weeks
Recruitment periodFrom the end of February to March 20

We closed the application for participating this program.

Thank you for considering to join us!!

Global Charity Thai Cooking Class

Thai home-cooked food will be taught by Ms. Anuluck, a mother of Thai Mae Kok Foundation (MKF) which is the support destination.

She doesn’t just teach how to cook, she cooks together and eats the food with the local children. If you eat delicious food together, it will warm your mind and body!

The special feature of this program, is that you can have fun and interact online while having lively conversations with other participants.

 2021 Results

Program dateOctober 10, 2021 2 hours
Number of participants7 people
Donations collected (participation fee)10,500 yen
Cooked dishesgreen curry, and banana coconut milk

Voice of Participants

The curry was delicious and I could interact with the children, so it was a very fun time.
Women in her 30s, Korea

I made both green curry and banana simmered in coconut milk for the first time, but it was fresh and fun to be able to participate while watching the participants cooking with a small number of people. At the question time during the meal, I heard about the lives and working conditions of the local people, and I felt that it was a valuable experience.
Woman in her 40s, Saitama

I was able to leave my daily life and think about the world. The curry was delicious. She talked to me while I was online, and I was worried because I wasn’t used to communicating online, but I enjoyed it.
Man in his 30s, Aichi

Global Charity Tidying Up Program

It is hard to get motivated by ourselves. Let’s concentrate on “decluttering” for 2 weeks with friends! As with decluttering, this program also features content that can detox your mind and body. In addition to “throwing away,” you can learn about the cycle of decluttering, such as exchanging books that you no longer need and listing them on flea market apps, and learn wisdom that you can use in your future life.

2021 Results

Program periodDecember 26-30, 2021 (14 days)
Number of participants21 people
Donations collected57,500 yen
Online meeting3 times in total
Free participation content conductedDecluttering intensive class / early morning yoga & meditation / book trade / color therapy / nutrition / etc.

Voice of Participants

had time and friends to concentrate on doing it together, which made me feel like doing it myself.
Woman in her 20s, Ehime

Book trading was especially fun! It’s refreshing to know the person through books!! I’m glad that I received some books!
Man in his 50s, Kagoshima

I’m glad that the decluttering of the mind and body was incorporated in addition to physical things.
Woman in her 30s, Aichi

It seems that meditation has nothing to do with having things, and it turns out that both have something to do with spirituality.
Man in his 40s, Saitama

I have deepened my interest in Thailand. I wanted to go to the MKF that I was supporting. If the program aided in its primary purpose of helping the MKF, then I’m fully satisfied.
Women in her 20s, Tokyo

It’s a nice idea that everyone can declutter together. The fact that it’s connected to charity is the best!
Woman in her 50s, Osaka

cocoWA Project

The program to meet and interact with the people who actually deliver the donations. The participants will decide what kind of interaction they will have during their stay! We will meet online in advance to discuss and think about what we can do to take action.

Irreplaceable companions and a memorable experience await you.

Origin of “cocoWA”

Communication, Cooperation, Connection, Consideration, Conversation.

Many English words that start with CO express connections, such as “together,” “cooperate,” “connection,” “compassion,” and “conversation.” WA is a “ring”. The idea is to create a program that allows participants and support recipients to have a warm connection.

Also, “cocoa” is a word that children can easily remember. Furthermore, from the fact that “family” is pronounced “kurokuruwa” in Thai, we wanted to make the program familiar from the sound, so the name was changed to this!

2022 finally started in full gear!

We are planning to recruit participants from around autumn! (We will inform you in the news!)

Program periodSaturday, December 24, 2022 to Sunday, January 1, 2023, 9 days (There is also a short program plan from December 28th)
Recruitment number10 people
VisitMae Kok Foundation (Northern Chiang Rai, Thailand)

Main donation:

Mae Kok Foundation (home for orphaned children in Chiang Rai, northern Thailand)

An orphanage in Chiang Rai, northern Thailand, visited by Asian Beat.

Surrounded by nature, this facility is mainly home to children of hill tribes who stay there for a variety of reasons. The facility itself is a home, with some children having no parents, and the children and the staffs stay there as a family.

You can read more about the establishment of the facility here.

In 2020, the spread of the novel coronavirus (Covid-19) has made it difficult for the accommodation business which has supported the management of the facility until then. Therefore, it has become extremely difficult to raise more than 20 children, leading to the start of this project.

The collected donations were used to buy a large oven and the sales of bread and cookies have been used as profits. Ms.Anuluck, who is a mother of the facility, is a good cook and supports children’s daily meals and makes such small profits.

In 2021, various donations including our charity program were delivered, and the management has been stable for one year. MKF is self-sufficient in agricultural projects such as dorian and papaya, and now they are building a computer room to improve the learning environment for the children.

In the future, we will invite the children to Japan and promote projects that allow them to experience various things. Additionally, we will think about interesting projects for the future of the children.

Donations can be made at any time from here.

Donor Box (Easy transfer from the Internet)

You can also transfer directly to the bank account. Please contact us from the inquiry for the information of the transfer destination. 

Our Thoughts

Program Management Staff

Yuka Shimabayashi (Yukachin), Chiyo Nakabayashi (Chiyo), Megumi Kiriha (Kiri-chan)

The three of us met in the Asian Beat Online Program.

This charity program was born as a result of trial and error as to what kind of activities we can do now while interacting with diverse people from different backgrounds.

Programs that Lead to Support as well as Exchanges

When we met a person who was supporting a certain Asian country and we told him that we were looking for participants in Asian Beat. He replied that the people he was supporting could not afford to participate in the program whose purpose is only interaction. The reason is that many people are still in a situation where it is difficult to live with peace of mind due to conflict, hunger, and poverty.

When we learned about the reality, we wondered if we could provide a program not just for the purpose of interaction, but also a program which would allow us to provide needed support; and we also could learn something from the support in return. This charity project was born from that concept.

Aiming to Provide a Fun Program

We think there are various ways to deliver donations. However, what we want to do is to create a program that delivers donations and is “fun” to participate in.

No matter how meaningful an activity is, it is very difficult to continue unless it is fun.
Exciting feelings move people and creates momentum, which connects from person to person.
We will continue to provide fun programs with free ideas.

Also, I think that there is a lot to learn by visiting the support destination and actually experiencing the current situation with all five senses, so we want to focus on realizing the tour.