Global Charity Run & Walk has ended!


I’m Megumi Kiriha (Kiri-chan),the secretariat of Global Charity Run & Walk.The Global Charity Run & Walk reached the goal with an enthusiasm beyond imagination.

The total goal of each Run & Walk was 1,000km, while the total distance of all participants reached 1,366.23km. It was very exciting and thanks to the participants having fun while encouraging each other.

The participants were able to enjoy the Run & Walk project, not only because of their positive attitude, but also because they made use of the various gimmicks they had prepared.

The first is the family system. The participants were divided into families of 5 people so that they could support each other. I think that being able to push forward with the Run & Walk while complimenting and stimulating each other’s progress as a family helped maintain motivation.

The second is Bingo. The theme was written so that they could learn about Thai culture and deepen their thoughts on donations, and the whole family worked together to align the bingo, the distance was added. With this bingo as a trigger, Thai milk tea and Pad Thai menus were shared to create a circle for cooking and learning in Thai. The more they knew about Thai culture, the more they thought about Thailand, and I think they enjoyed the Thai culture at home on sunny days and the Run & Walk on rainy days. In addition, they noticed the charity that was  familiar to them from the purchase of products with donations, and they were able to encourage the Run & Walk while being more aware of the significance of the 


The third is the Run & Walk route tour.

From Korea, Thailand, Aichi, Ehime, and Kakeromajima, we looked at the paths that the participants usually walk. They introduced the recommended spectacular views that they can see when they run and the interesting things that they noticed while running. While enjoying the reports of the roads running with the same feelings ineach place, I think that they could feel the connection with friends beyond the place and accelerate their motivation.

And above all, it’s an opportunity to interact with the children of Mae Kok Farm.

After introducing Mae Kok Farm, we asked each other questions. Seeing the smiling faces of the children and listening to their favorite things and dreams gave them a chance to think more about Mae kok Farm. I think they have come to run so that they can support the dreams of these children.

A “Win-Win” charity model that both donors and recipients are happy with when launching this charity project.

I received a voice of joy from the participants for being able to feel the appreciation for the rewarding experience of working together at the Run & Walk, the improvement of their quality of life through their health and connections, and the help they have with each other. 

As you can see from this comment, I think that it has become a win-win charity that not only the recipients of the donations but also the participants themselves could enjoy to the end.

I would like to continue aiming for donations that can be enjoyed while supporting activities that look ahead to the future of the donation destination.

It would be great if we could create a circular flow of money that we could enjoy together, rather than forcing children to receive the donation.

We will continue to advance the charity project while reflecting the results of the discussion on the ideal form of charity conducted in this project, so please look forward to it!

Megumi Kiriha (Kiri-chan)