Are you excited to join Thai cooking class ?

The Charity cooking session is finally coming back, where you can enjoy having international cuisine and meeting up with new people!This was the long-awaited second time since last October. We will cook together with Mindi, who lives in Thailand and teaches Thai cuisine!This partipation fee will be donated towards Mae Kok Farm, a orphanage in … » Read More“Are you excited to join Thai cooking class ?”

Global Charity Run & Walk 2nd! It’s started!

Hello.I’m Yuka Shimabayashi (Yukachin), a member of the charity management office.The opening ceremony was successfully implemented and the event has started onSaturday, March 26.The opening ceremony had a friendly atmosphere with an opening declaration, and a playeroath! The number of participants were [22 people]!The three staff members also run together, so there was a total … » Read More“Global Charity Run & Walk 2nd! It’s started!”

“Charity Run and Walk” is coming back! Welcome everyone who wants to exercise this spring!

Your participation will change the future of children in Thai \Run and Walk for Beauty and Healthy life/ 【Joyful International Contribution series vol.4】Global Charity Run & Walk Vol.2 Please check it out!! Shall we get healthy together before ASIAN BEAT Online 4? We will hold a Global Charity Run and Walk this year again. … » Read More““Charity Run and Walk” is coming back! Welcome everyone who wants to exercise this spring!”

Global Charity Run & Walk has ended!

Hello. I’m Megumi Kiriha (Kiri-chan),the secretariat of Global Charity Run & Walk.The Global Charity Run & Walk reached the goal with an enthusiasm beyond imagination. The total goal of each Run & Walk was 1,000km, while the total distance of all participants reached 1,366.23km. It was very exciting and thanks to the participants having fun … » Read More“Global Charity Run & Walk has ended!”

Global Charity Run & Walk event has started!

Hello, I’m Chiyo Nakabayashi, a member of the management office of Global Charity Run & Walk. This project, which was announced at the end of June and was recruiting participants, has finally started! The number of participants became 29 people from Korea, Thailand and Japan. A total of 56,616 yen was collected, including those who … » Read More“Global Charity Run & Walk event has started!”

【Recruting Participants】Global Charity Run&Walk

Our “Run&Walk” together with friends can help others! We will have a Global Charity Run&Walk, which can make everyone smile☺︎ Our programs aim to build a society, which accepts various values and encourages each belief. Sadly, participation in those is pretty limited because there are many living in difficulties including conflict, hunger, and poverty. It … » Read More“【Recruting Participants】Global Charity Run&Walk”