Be Friends Beyond the Countries! [ASIAN BEAT Online] Ended with Great Smiles!

[ASIAN BEAT Online] ended on April 18th. [ASIAN BEAT Online] was a program in which people who are related to Asia got together and became friends through making a movie by voice to the world.

The program staff were 10 people from Korea, Thailand, and Japan. They had prepared the program for a month and half. Casts from Taiwan, Korea, Thailand, Indonesia, Canada and Japan spent every weekend together for a month.

Casts communicated in English as a common language but English wasn’t any cast member’s mother tongue. Not everyone could speak English fluently. So everyone supported and understood casts using their own first language to explain and also gave attention to time differences between countries. They overcame anxiety and difficulty of communicating in English by helping each other until the last day of the program.

On the last day, casts began saying “Let’s keep connecting!”, “I want to know more about your country”, “I hope I can understand your language and I will!”, “I will go to see you!” to each other. This was very heartwarming.

The program goal, “Become close friends and ONE great team”, was achieved.

The movie has 3 parts

  • creating in a small group along the designed theme
  • recording with all casts in the Zoom 
  • singing the original theme song of  [ASIAN BEAT Online]

They shot all components in the program and the movie will be uploaded in the middle of the next month. Please look forward to it.

In addition, the details and the atmosphere of the program are in the blog page of ASIAN BEAT HP. Please check the link below.



[ASIAN BEAT Online 2] is coming in June! The orientation and details will be announced soon in the ASIAN BEAT HP.

You will meet a new friend who you want to see someday in ASIA through this program! 

[ASIAN BEAT Online 2]

Program Date: Saturday, June 5th, 2021 – Sunday, July 11th, 2021

*subject to change



Contact to: Asian Beat Online Secretariat

Yuka Shimabayashi (Yukachin)