The message video to be delivered to the world has been completed ~ Hope of Being Alive ~

Three weeks have passed since the end of the Asian Beat Online 1.
Finally, a video produced by all the cast members has been completed!

The video message is

“Hope of Being Alive”

How to say it in the languages of the participating countries,


~ 살아 있음의 희망 ~

~ ความหวังของการมีชีวิตอยู่ ~

~ 活着的希望 ~


What is your “hope to live”?
Where is the hope of living in this world where people tend to focus on what they
have lost?
Even in the program, we had time to hold a workshop to look at each true
intention and share it. Each person’s “hope to live” appears in the video, so
please try to pay attention to it.
Members from 6 countries.
The common language was English, but there were many members who were not
good at English.
However, we realized that this was a place to communicate, not a place to speak
English forcibly, and we considered each other, searched for words that could be
understood, drew pictures, and our friends interpreted. There was a warm space
where people could follow each other and help each other naturally.

Create one work.
By having one goal, we became “friends” before we recognized it.

We may already have a lot of important things.
Through videos, we deliver the unchanging “hopes to live” that the cast members
have found from various perspectives.
We hope that the lives of each and every one of you who watched this will be
enriched and that the world will be closer to peace.
Please enjoy!

The next program will start! ASIAN BEAT Online 2!!

If you are interested in it, please come visit us at the online orientation meeting
held on May 16, 22 and 23!