ASIAN BEAT Online 4 has finally started!!

Staff gathering has begun in March of this year, and all three cast briefings were completed in April and May. Finally the opening has started last weekend!!

24 cast members gathered!

34 people including the staff! Gathered from 9 countries!

Japan, South Korea, Indonesia, Thailand, Taiwan, Nepal, Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia

This time too, unique members from all over Asia are gathering, and all the staff are very excited!
The program lasts 3 weeks.
Every Saturday and Sunday, we gather at zoom room for about 3 hours each, and share the time to get to know each other, know ourselves, and learn from each
other through exchange activities, singing, dancing, talk time, etc.

That are packed with the ingenuity of the staff.
Because it’s online, you can laugh at the same timing even though we are away from each other.
We will make profound friendship with our Asian friends and spend each day cherishing the day when we can meet one day.
We will post the program on our blog, so check it out!
Immediately, Mindi (one staff from Thailand) spelled out the state of this briefing session and her frank feelings of being the staff.

Please read it ~~ →My ASIAN BEAT LIFE.